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SPOT has the largest national TV Media coverture of the market. There are 410 channels at 134 cities that have their content being captured and recorded all the 365 days of the year. 24/7.

Accuracy and Agility

We have the most modern image recognition system, SPOT Tracking, a proprietary and exclusive software that allows greater agility and customization of reports.


We carry out the inspection and survey of the advertising investment of brands in open TV, pay TV, newspaper and magazine.

Meet some of the SPOT products that will make
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Adex Checking

Checking tool that captures all media formats on TV. It has 24/7/365 monitoring and availability of historical consultations within 180 days.

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Adex Concorrência

Software that allows competition analysis through the generation of reports according to several available filters such as rankings, graphs and maps of actual placement, in a friendly, dynamic and interactive way.

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Adex Program

This product allows TV vehicles to make real-time analysis and evaluations of the programming data of any other vehicle in the 15 PNT markets.

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Adex Auditoria

Online platform that guarantees TV vehicles agility in the comparison of the commercial breaks programming scripts with the one that was actually broadcast, alerting to display failures.

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The Brazil’s larger coverture to media audit and survey.