Widely used for prospecting advertising clients and monitoring the market.

It is a software that helps marketing, vehicle sales, media, financial, planning and management areas of various agencies in the country.

It gives access to data such as: 

  • Who are the TV advertising brands in Brazil and in your region;
  • What vehicles and programs are they in;
  • Their advertising investment in each of these vehicles.

Countless data are delivered with the Business Intelligencemodule, which allows any type of cross between the available variables and allows the application of several filters, such as rankings, graphics and placement maps.

The program also allows viewing the videos of the campaigns that are running, which can assist the agencies' creatives and planning.



  • e-Alert report of Exclusive and Absent Advertisers by broadcaster;
  • Indication of national and local advertisers.
  • Guarantee of agency certification with CENP.



  • It offers simulator of average discounts.
  • Automatic generation of the media plan effectively carried out by advertisers stratified by program, day, insertion, GRP, impact and investment; 
  • Report of normal commercials, vignettes and sponsored calls and sponsorship top.

* Adex Concorrência makes it possible to import the audience data contracted by the client with a third party company and hosted exclusively in the vehicle, then executing the crossings of information about audiences.