This is an excellent product for retailers. With it, it is possible to monitor the prices and conditions that are being offered by the competition on a daily basis *. 

Just choose which competitors you want to monitor and we provide you with all the information advertised by him on TV. 

The report includes the product with its complete description, price, payment method and special conditions when announced.

In addition, you will know in which vehicle the film was shown, the schedules and programs and you will have access to the videos!

* commercials run on weekends and holidays are delivered the next business day.


Assista aos filmes veiculados por sua marca ou de seus concorrentes em plataforma online, em tempo real.

  • Visualização em primeira mão dos comerciais das marcas que deseja monitorar;
  • Conhecimento sobre os horários, praças e veículos onde os comerciais foram ao ar;
  • Possibilidade de assistir na hora ou baixar o comercial desejado.


Electronic clipping of commercials shown on TV. Receiving via web.

Remembering that we monitor and record 410 vehicles 24 hours a day in 133 cities in Brazil 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year and the images are stored for up to 180 days. This allows us to carry out customized projects, as well as delivery in any time required by the customer.


The most basic version of Adex Concorrência in a modern and easily accessible tool, which allows you to view the images of the commercials directly by cell phone.

With a complete database of all segments of the advertising market, it is possible to analyze individually or comparatively the advertisers of a segment in order to understand the strategies and trends regarding their advertising investments.