Product aimed at vehicles and TV stations all over Brazil.

The software has countless programming data from all the main networks of the 15 PNT markets. It is an entirely online program that allows you to monitor and access all information in real time!


  • Comparative analysis of program and break times;
  • Understand the effort made by vehicles with calls to each of their programs;
  • Comparative analysis between audiences *:
  • of its programs versus those of the competition;
  • between its own programming grid;
  • Peak audience rating * per program with access to the minute image!
  • Understand the impact of commercial breaks on the audience *.


  • Stratification by program, program genre, daypart, day of the week, time range, break and position;
  • Access to the images of the schedule and calls, allowing the viewing of specific moments, such as audience peaks, for example; 
  • Panel of accumulated breaks volume by hour, day, week and month;
  • Audience delivery * for the next program;
  • Influence of the programming of competing broadcasters;
  • Call ranking;

* Adex Program makes it possible to import the audience data contracted by the client with a third party company and hosted exclusively in the vehicle, then executing the crossings of information about audiences.