About Us

With the largest TV coverage in Brazil in its market, SPOT is a Media Research and Audit Institute accredited by CENP about to complete 60 years of history. Its own vertical structure currently serves more than 300 customers across the country with services and products specialized in media inspection and auditing, checking analysis of programming and competition, and survey of advertising investment in open TV, pay TV, segmented TV , Radio, Newspaper and Magazine.


A SPOT capta e grava os dados de 423 veículos em 134 mercados e isso acontece de forma ininterrupta todos os dias. Ou seja, ficam disponíveis por até 180 dias todas as imagens destes veículos nas 24 horas do dia, 7 dias por semana e 365 dias do ano.


In possession of so much data and information, SPOT has the greatest granularity in the market and over the years has become a strong ally in detail and passionate about excellence and innovation. Developer and owner of several software with machine learning and audio and video recognition robots, it is able to guarantee practically 100% of the capture of all image formats - even if broadcast for 1 second - and of TV commercials.


All this software and hardware structure allows SPOT to offer hyper customized products and surveys, both in terms of data and delivery times, being possible to deliver even in real time, as well as purchases through national or local channels.


In 2020, SPOT takes a step beyond traditional means and also accesses digital land. With the SPOT ON brand, all the content and power of the TV joins the digital medium and makes it possible to choose, in a personalized way, the best time for the brands to appear on the mobile, desktop ou tablet of multi-screen viewers. It is your digital media synchronized with the TV content with all the media intelligence from SPOT giving support and the best direction.